The Bierkeller Boys Dive In!

Left to right: Julia Schroeder, Nikolaus Schroeder, Lukas Schroeder, Rufus, Matt Langlois (back)

The Bierkeller Boys Dive In! displays the many influences that shaped our band. Traditional European waltzes, marches, and bierhaus songs complement classic German American dance numbers from the Six Fat Dutchmen and Rodgers and Hammerstein. The songs are presented in colorful arrangements by low brass heavyweights Norlan Bewley, Mike Forbes, Gail Robertson, and the Bierkeller Boys’ own Niko Schroeder. The band members are each showcased as singers as well, singing a solo apiece in addition to group vocals.

Recorded | Niko and Lukas Schroeder
Mixed and Mastered | Niko Schroeder and David Myers
Hitt Street Studios, Columbia MO

Graphics | Grace Cohen

Special Thanks | our families, Dr. Paul Carlson, the Edelweiss Club of Grand Rapids, and all who have supported our music-making